#1 – In Search of Knowledge and Happiness (Revised Edition) – Genaro Andrade


Genaro Andrade delves into the human mind, what makes it tick, and what makes us happy. If you are seeking answers to life’s questions, this book attempts to answer them with positivity and retraining the mind. A positive view.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Inspirational

In Search of Knowledge and Happiness is about the human brain, how it works and what motivates us to do the things that we do.

This book is about how to use knowledge to better ourselves spiritually and economically. It is about finding that all-too elusive happiness that many of us have been seeking for most of our lives.

It is about getting to know ourselves and learning to love ourselves by listening to our inner voices. In this book, you will learn how to organize your thoughts, exercise self-control, how to reject negative feelings and replace them with positive ones.

This book will teach you how to tap into your imagination in order to attain unlimited potential.

In this book you will learn how the human brain works:

  • You will learn to push your mind to higher levels of awareness.
  • You will learn to expand your knowledge tenfold.
  • You will learn how your thoughts are processed, and how they impact your life for better or for worse.
  • You will learn to unlock your imagination.
  • You will learn about your feelings and emotions.
  • You will learn that decision-making does not have to be stressful.
  • You will learn that you can still find happiness despite your afflictions.
  • You will learn to create new values for yourself, your family, and others.
  • You will learn to motivate yourself and to stop making excuses for yourself.
  • You will learn to leave your past failures behind and reach for the stars.
  • You will learn to simplify your life by getting rid of your mental and physical junk.

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