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Genaro is a first-time non-fiction writer. He devoted most of his life studying philosophy, psychology, biology, health, and wellness.  He is also a passionate and avid photographer.

Fine Art by Genaro Andrade

I was born in Mexico and when I was 10 years old my family decided to immigrate to the United States. I lived in Los Angeles, CA until I was 22 when we moved north to the Bay Area. I met my beautiful wife, Norma and we have two wonderful children, Adam and Brandi, whom we love very much. After 32 years, we the move to the lovely Sierra Foothills.

I’m passionate about many things, my top three are family, landscape photography and writing. It wasn’t until my freshman year in high school that I discovered my love for photography and writing. I didn’t pursue landscape photography full time after high school, but kept taking pictures as a hobby for 30 years.

When my wife and I took a vacation to Oregon is when I rediscovered my passion for photography. Oregon offers plenty of picturesque landscapes to photograph: Beautiful water falls, rivers, mountains, beaches and breathtaking sunsets . It was a wonderful and exciting experience for me, I loved it. At that time, I knew that I had to follow my dream of becoming a professional landscape photographer. My love for photography was too strong to let it die, so I had to get back to what makes me happy, and that is to take pictures of the most beautiful landscapes our planet has to offer.

I enjoy photographing people, weddings, sports, nature, wild life in addition to landscapes. Every type of photography has its own challenges, but I’m always ready for new challenges when they present themselves. As a photographer, I am always being challenged by mother nature, it’s the beauty of photography and that is what makes it so exciting. There’s nothing more exciting than to capture beautiful sunsets and landscape scenes of the west.

Don’t ever be afraid to follow your dreams, after all, you only live once. I hope that you will enjoy my landscape photography as much as enjoyed photographing them.

Thank you ~ Genaro Andradewe

Genaro Andrade

In Search of Knowledge and Happiness” book:

Revised Edition December 2021 Genaro Andrade delves into the human mind, what makes it tick, and what makes us happy.